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Pronounced "A su Lado," or "By your side." Azulado also means shades of blue in Spanish. Blue is the color most associated for those with autism.  Our intent is to be at the side of special needs students.

We employ a method of education for our Rosarito students that allows ALL children to thrive. We contrast from traditional teaching methods that can not accommodate students with learning differences. Our center provides a venue for children from all walks of life to let their creativity shine.

Here, you can see little Omar holding up his paper heart. Omar's learning differences make it hard for him in a traditional school in Rosarito.  His desire to learn is equally as strong as all other children.  Help us fight for him to have an equal learning opportunity.



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Our cafe is run by special needs teens and young adults from the community.  We provide job training and interaction with the public for these individuals. Our hope is for them to see themselves as an integral part of society.  We provide the opportunity for them to experience that role in the community.  Teens and young adults who cannot participate in a traditional high school benefit from our program.

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Our school aims to provide a venue for creative learning.  Our society no longer has the necessity to memorize facts and dates.  Children must be given tools to distinguish between accurate information and hunt for solutions to complex problems.  Creativity and innovation are the cruces of our school curriculum.  A hands-on approach is an integral part of our teaching.


We aim to provide a variety of after-school activities that allow children to delve deeper into their own personal passions.  Art, music, theater and cooking are some of the activities we offer after school.  We have staff trained to integrate children with many different social and academic needs.  We aim to include children who might otherwise not be able to participate in these activities without highly trained personnel.


We are committed to allowing every student, especially children with special needs, a school where they are not confined to curriculum contained in a workbook, but rather driven by their own curiosity and desire to understand the world around them.

A Word from our Founder

Cari Ramirez



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